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Attorney fees vary depending on a number of factors, including, but not limited to complexity of the case, whether the firm is hired on an emergency basis, scope of the work needed and evaluation of your particular circumstances


We offer a $150 Initial Consultation with an attorney for 2 hours, regardless of whether you intend to hire us for full representation or whether you simply need some advice regarding your situation. During that time, we will do everything we can to advise you regarding your situation, and, whether you can afford an attorney or not, we will explain the various steps which need to be taken to best help you, we will provide you with copies of the Arizona Family Law Statutes, we will discuss the Arizona Family Law Procedures, the Rules of Court, Arizona Case Law and do what we can to make what may seem to be an overwhelming process easier to understand.

Flat Fees (also known as “Unbundled Legal Services” and “Limited Scope Representation”): See Below for Schedule of Flat Fees.>

One of the first questions people, parents and spouses ask themselves is “Can I afford it? and one of the first questions clients ask us is, “What will it cost?” Although we can’t predict the future, we always keep in mind that our clients have financial considerations, regardless of their particular financial situations.

Each client’s needs are different, including what type of matter you have and what are the complexities of your needs.  This is why we encourage you to call us at 602-561-8107 or contact us via email at or, to schedule an appointment to meet with an attorney who is an experienced Legal Separation, Divorce, Grandparent, Third-Party Caretaker, Child Custody, Paternity, Child Support and Spousal Maintenance attorney.

We Provide a Substantial, Hourly Discount to those who pay their bills within an agreed upon time

At Sirlin Law Firm, LLC, we have been providing a significant, hourly discount for those who pay their bills within a specified, agreed upon time.  To the best of our knowledge, no other firms, with our level of expertise,  provides this as part of their fee agreements.

What is most important is that we do everything we can to provide you and your family with as much representation by an attorney as possible.

More About Fees and Costs:

Flat Fees:  Flat Fees are offered when we are best able to control the time required (such as in drafting a parenting plan or consent decree) and when our client and the other party are able to agree to the terms of their arrangements for the future.> We also provide additional flat fee for services listed below.
Hourly Fees:</strong>

Hourly fee agreements are usually the recommendation when the client and other spouse and/or parent are having difficulty seeing eye-to-eye. However, it is our usual practice to set up a short-term, flat fee arrangement at the onset, even when hourly fees are likely to be needed in the future.  This is done so you have time to evaluate the services we provide and ensure we are the right firm for you.  There are also times when we use a “mixed fee” agreement, which entails both a flat fee contract  and an hourly fee contract.

We also offer “limited scope representation,” which is usually paid as a flat fee. The intent of the “Flat Fee,” (also known as “Unbundled Legal Services” and “Limited Scope Representation”), is to provide grandparents, third party care-givers, parents and spouses who are not able to afford full representation with as much access to legal representation they can afford.

Flat Fees (also known as Unbundled Legal Service” and “Limited Scope Representation”):

Uncontested Divorce without Minor Children: $1,500;

Uncontested Divorce with Minor Children: $2,500;

Child Support Calculation with two (2) hour initial consultation: $300;

Divorce Trial without Minor Children: $4,500;

Divorce or Paternity Trial with Child Custody, Parenting Time and Child Support: $5,000;

Preparation of documents for a Temporary Orders proceeding (including a position statement): $2,000;

Draft a Detailed Resolution Management Statement: $750;

Trial Hearing Memorandum: $3,000;

Modification of Child Support, documentation and appearance at trial: $1,500;

Divorce Appeal: $5,000;

Alternative Dispute Resolution Settlement Statement $1,500

Alternative Dispute Resolution Representation at Conference: $1,500.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Settlement Statement and Representation at Alternative Dispute Settlement Conference: $2,500
Additional “Flat Fee (Unbundled Legal Services) may be available upon request.

Sliding Scale and Reduced Fee Matters

At Sirlin Law Firm, LLC, we understand that some of our clients do not earn enough to pay our usual fees and, based upon a showing of financial need (usually at or near the poverty line) we may reduce our fees downward for those in need.

Call us at 602-561-8107 or contact us via email at for a two (2) hour consultation with a family law attorney for $150.