Hi Randi,
It was a pleasure meeting with you and speaking with you.
Thank you and your firm for providing me with highest level of professional legal counsel available.
I really appreciate your time. Thank you for listening and answering all of my questions.
I am very private person and I highly respect confidentiality. You have provided the most excellent
legal service, not only legal,but customer service and you have been a great person and outstanding
attitude. I love your professional personality. I have referred you to couple of my friends.
Once again, thank you much for your support, assistance and understanding in this matter.
You have made my day. I have noticed that you kept your smile during our conversation and you make
me feel like home and like I am talking to a very close friend. Thank you for making me feel good . I love working with you .


“Randi Sirlin has been my family’s attorney for the past 18 years and has provided us with the most personal, professional and supportive care. I now understand why lawyers are called “counselors.”  She has gone above and beyond our expectations and we all felt truly nurtured by our relationship with Randi Sirlin. That being said, she is aggressive and confident in court. She has helped us during custody and child support battles, elder abuse concerns and financial matters as well. She is more than fair in her rates. I will continue to use Randi for any and all of our legal needs.”

Dena J.


“Randi is an excellent lawyer. I chose her because she is reasonably priced and recommend her because she does a great job! She cares about her job performance as well as her clients. She is a remarkable woman. I felt like she really listened and cared deeply about my case. I recommend her to all my friends and family.”

Maria B.


“Randi came highly recommended by a friend who had experienced her services before. I am a single father and know about the struggles that father’s have in family court. I truly felt she worked on my case with a genuine care for my daughter and not just another win. It is obvious Randi has a passion for helping families. Thanks to Randi, my daughter is in a safer home.”

Heath and Skylynn


“After meeting with Randi Sirlin I was more than satisfied with the consultation. She exceed my expectations as an attorney. I was very comfortable talking with Randi and it was as if I was talking to a family member or close friend about my case. When speaking with previous attorneys they were rushing me off the phone or did not provide me with the appropriate attention unless I was going to retain them for services. Randi gave me her full attention and support for me and my case.”

Jesus M


“Ms. Sirlin is a consummate professional who is thorough, diligent, and broad thinking. She seeks to gain a full understanding of her client’s position in order to determine each client’s best interests and desired outcomes.”

Forrest G


“I would definitely recommend using the services of Randi Sirlin. I recently hired her based upon word of mouth advice from one of my friends who had used her services previously. I was in the middle of a surprise divorce. Despite the other side using disreputable tactics, Randi proved she was a formidable fighter for my side. I was very happy with the settlement I got.”

Robert G


“I have worked on a number of issues with Ms. Sirlin over the past years. I found her work to be thorough and exacting. It has always been a pleasure working with her and her strong sense of fairness and her strong ethical commitments.”

Cal Lash

Retired law enforcement officer (1968-1991) and then a Private Investigator (1996-Currently), for a number of Arizona law firms including the Gallagher and Kennedy Defense Team.


“Randi and I have established a great partnership where she is the Attorney and I sometimes assist her in her work. I always enjoy working with Randi and love to pick her brain.  She is quite knowledgeable regarding Separation, Divorce Custody, Parenting Time and Child Support.  She is always willing to help expand my knowledge as a legal assistant. When clients’ issues in my own practice are too complex for me, I gladly refer them to Randi if they need a Family Law Attorney, and thus far, I’ve gotten great feedback from the people who hired her!”

Donna V.


“Randi has all of the attributes that I expect in an attorney. She is knowledgeable, experienced, and professional. She has integrity, she is a strategic thinker, enthusiastic, and responsive. Her expertise is in Family Law, Child Custody and Divorce. She is willing to tackle the difficult cases. She gives whatever it takes to build strong relationship with her clients. She takes the time to listen and understand each client’s unique situation. She works closely with her clients and explains each step along the way. I never hesitate to refer clients to Randi.”

Richard B.


“Randi has been and continues to be a great advocate for me and my daughter. I appreciate how adeptly she protected my interests during the divorce, and took care to anticipate possible eventualities and protect me from them. She is a smart and compassionate attorney. Anyone suffering the chaos and confusion associated with legal problems could do no better than to retain her services and wise counsel.”

Scott J.