Sirlin Law Sirlin Law Firm reviews 2019 Rules of Family Law Procedure and Your Family Law Appeal

Posted on by Randi

As of January 1, 2019, the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, received a complete overhaul.

Most of the changes were to make the Rules more clear, easier to read and easier to interpret.

There were some substantial changes.

For example, previous version of Rule 9, having to do with appearance of counsel on your behalf, stated, “Nothing in this rule shall limit an attorney’s ability to provide services to a client without appearing of record in any judicial experience.

Now, Rule 9 does not include the statement about assisting “behind the scenes and instead refers the attorney to a particular ethical rule.

A welcome change was to Rule 83, which is relevant to all family law appeals regarding arguments about sufficiency or insufficiency of the evidence to support or overrule the trial court’s decision.

Prior to 2019, you only had 15 days after a ruling you wanted to appeal, to file the motion regarding sufficiency of the evidence.

That isn’t much time for an attorney to learn your entire case and file a motion to the Court challenging the ruling.

As of January 1, 2019, you now have 25 days to file that motion, which is critical to any arguments in the appeal regarding sufficiency of the evidence.

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