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It is a Happy New Year for those filing a family law appeal.

As of January 1, 2019, the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure have undergone some major changes. One such change affects the time you have to file a particular motion and preserve certain arguments for appeal.

Rule 83, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, “Altering or Amending a Judgment,” expands the time you have from the date of the Court’s final order (which is the date the family law clerk files the Minute Entry/Order) to file your motion.

The importance of this change cannot be understated. Family Law litigants will now have an additional 10 days to file their “Rule 83,” motion, which is a motion which needs to be filed prior to filing a Notice of Appeal in a family law matter, in order to preserve arguments regarding sufficiency or insufficiency of the evidence, for appeal.

These 10 extra days can be especially critical if you hire a different attorney from your trial attorney, as the Appellate Attorney will have additional time to learn your case and file the best Rule 83 motion prior to filing your Family Law Appeal.

Sirlin Law Firm LLC wishes you a Happy New Year. If you are considering a Family Law Appeal, please contact us at 602-561-8107.

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