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Our Practice is devoted exclusively to Divorce, Custody, Custody Modification, Parenting Time, Child Support and all the family law cases, including guardianships, conservatorships, wills & trusts.

We have extensive experience in Divorce, Custody, Parenting Time, Child Support, Emergency Orders, Relocation and other Family Law Matters, having provided legal services since 1994.

Ms. Sirlin has worked with a number of Arizona family law specialists, at both Richards & Pennington, in Tucson, and Sternberg and Singer, in Phoenix. Having worked closely and collaborated with some of Arizona’s most well known “high-end” attorneys, her experience is top notch, yet the price is reasonable.

Since beginning the practice of divorce, custody and family law, Ms. Sirlin has developed exceptional skill in drafting very complex legal motions and family law appeals, including spousal maintenance cases, high asset cases and child custody (legal decision making). To date, Ms. Sirlin has prevailed in every appellate matter on which she has worked. Many family law attorneys do not have any experience in the Court of Appeals.  Not having written any family law appeals, some attorneys do not know how crucial it is to make the proper objections in the trial court and to preserve evidence upon which the Court of Appeals can rely should you disagree with the trial court rulings.  Ms. Sirlin is also certified to practice in the 9th circuit of the federal court system and the Bankruptcy Court.

Ms. Sirlin has consistently worked with other top notch attorneys in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Surprise, Peoria, Tucson, Show Low and throughout the State of Arizona. She ran a private practice in Tucson for seven years and personally handled all client matters.

She completed her collaborative divorce training during 2008, in Tucson, under the guidance of Alyce Pennington, and she completed her training in family law mediation during the year 2000. She has extensive experience working with spouses and parents who want to work collaboratively and/or mediate their matters, rather than “go to court.”

Ms. Sirlin obtained her law degree in 1993, from the University of Arizona Collage of Law and was sworn in as a member of the State Bar of Arizona in 1994.  She obtained her undergraduate degree at the University of Arizona, and graduated with honors, following her studies of Political Science and Graduate Level Philosophy of Law.

Attorney Sirlin has served as a Fee Arbitrator for the State Bar of Arizona and also serves as a civil court arbitrator for the Maricopa Superior Court of Arizona.

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