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The prospect of divorce invariably creates a wide range of emotions. Losing what once seemed to be a source of unconditional support is never easy. It is compounded by the frustration of the seemingly hostile legal proceedings that you are left with in its place.

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At the Sirlin Law Firm, we represent clients from throughout greater Phoenix, Scottsdale and other Arizona cities and counties. We help people, including high net-worth individuals and couples, who are seeking divorce, legal separation or annulment. We handle all divorce-related issues, including:

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  • Spousal support (add link)
  • Child custody and visitation (add Link)
  • Child support (add link)

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Do I Need an Attorney to Get a Divorce?

We believe it is best for you to have one. As an extremely experienced Family Law Firm,  we have handled hundreds of contested divorces with competence, compassion and personalized attention. Hiring an attorney early in the process often prevents the mistakes that can occur when parties to divorce represent themselves before the court.

We know this happens because we handle many cases where individuals have tried to handle their divorces themselves and later came to us when they could no longer navigate their way through the legal system.  Over 50% of clients hire Sirlin Law Firm after they did not get the result they wanted when they did not have an attorney.

Obtaining legal help early in the process can help you avoid a lot of common errors and the stresses that accompany those mistakes. Even if you have no children, having an attorney to help you can be a great benefit, particularly in the case of high net-worth divorce.

What Options Do I Have?

Arizona is a no-fault divorce state. As such, either party may file for divorce for no other reason than irreconcilable differences. Arizona also has something called “Covenant Marriage,” where the spouse does need to show more than irreconcilable differences, but those cases are few and far between.

A divorce can invoke deep emotional trauma, but despite hurt feelings or anger toward the other party, it is most often in the best interests of both spouses to work out an agreement and avoid divorce litigation.

The primary reason for this is that a negotiated settlement affords more control than going to court, where the final decision lies with a judge. However, if an agreement cannot be reached through informal settlement, mediation or collaborative law approaches, we will vigorously defend our clients’ interests in court to ensure a fair divorce settlement.

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