Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence and Arizona Law

Domestic Violence is a serious issue and you should address it immediately.  Often, it is important to immediately contact the police if an act of domestic violence has been perpetrated upon you and/or your children.

In Arizona, the definition of domestic violence and the laws regarding it are found within Arizona Revised Statutes and Rules of Court.  The laws apply to any persons who have a child together, are pregnant during the time of the domestic violence, who are related by blood or court order.  Domstic Violence may involve unmarried persons, without children, who reside in the same household.

Domestic Violence is defined, in part, by a vast number of criminal acts, which are set forth within the Arizona Statutes.  The Arizona Order of Protection Procedural Rules apply in all cases related to A.R.S. section 13-3602, 13-3602(C) and others.

While you can go to court without an attorney, we believe it is better to have a lawyer who is skilled and knowledgeable regarding Arizona domestic violence laws, the Rules of Court and the procedures within the judicial system.

In 2008, the Arizona Legislature enacted the Arizona Rules of Protective Order Procedure, which may have been put into place so that there would be one uniform set of rules and regulations regarding Domestic Violence throughout the many justice courts across the valley.

Also, during recent years, the Courts created the “Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure.” Unfortunately, it does not seem that these changes have assisted people who do not have an attorney, because, if they go to court, they are expected to know all of the laws and the procedures which an attorney is expected to know.

If an act of domestic violence is perpetrated upon you, your children or any member within your household, CALL THE POLICE.

Once the police have been called and you have been removed from any danger, you nT request an emergency restraining order.  If the officer is not authorized or refuses to issue an order, you should speak with a judicial officer who will listen to you regarding the incident and, if appropriate, will issue an Injunction Against Harassment, an Order of Protection or a Restraining Order.  You may speak with a judicial officer at any day and at any time, but can be difficult to navigate.  If the judge issues the order, it will remain in effect until there is a hearing.  During this time, we recommend you seek out an Experienced Family Law Attorney to provide assistance, advice and counsel.  We recommend you consult with a domestic violence lawyer who is very familiar with all aspects of these very serious laws and your particular circumstances..

Arizona Spousal Abuse Attorneys

Our firm is very familiar with the procedures involved in obtaining orders of protection, injunctions against harassment and restraining orders. We can go to court on your behalf, on an emergency basis and without notice to the perpetrator (in some cases), so that we can help you get an Injunction Against Harassment, a Temporary Restraining Order or a Permanent Restraining Order to help protect you from the person who is hurting you.

In order to get a long-term restraining order from the court, the alleged victim must have evidence that they are afraid of the perpetrator and that their fear is based on past domestic violence and the threat of future violence. If the court grants the restraining order, and the perpetrator violates the order, the victim can call the police and have the perpetrator arrested.

Child Custody and Domestic Violence

In the context of family law, particularly child custody disputes, restraining orders can be problematic. If you have a restraining order taken out against you, and you are involved in a child custody dispute, you will be at a disadvantage. It is important to seek legal counsel immediately in order to protect your civil rights.

Likewise, if you are the victim of violence and have taken a restraining order out on someone with whom you are involved in a custody dispute, it is equally important to seek legal counsel immediately to ensure that the court hears all necessary and relevant evidence that your legal counsel can gather.

Our firm has handled hundreds of custody disputes that involve violence. Our experience and compassion has shown us over the years that delaying legal counsel can sometimes result in devastating decisions rendered by the court.

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