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Posted on by Randi

Knowing that the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure change each year, the firm recently went on line in search of pending and approved rule changes for 2019. Extremely concerning were articles still up on page one (1) of Google, by other law firms, citing the 2006 changes to the Rules! Thus, reading the attorney blogs on Google is definitely not the way to gain solid, up to date information about the current Arizona Rules Family Law Procedure and the changes approved for the future which could affect your case.

With Sirlin Law Firm, LLC, you can rest assured that, during your consultation and throughout your case, your attorney will have knowledge, not just about the current rules of court and current statutes, but also about pending rule changes and pending statutory changes which may affect your case at a certain date. That knowledge will be freely shared with you, the client, who, at Sirlin Law Firm, LLC, will be empowered with knowledge about the law, the process and information so that they don’t need to solely depend on the attorney for up to date information about your case.

Sirlin Law Firm, LLC consultations are offered for $150 for two (2) hours of attorney time, during which you will receive copies of statutes, copies of rules, procedural information, assistance filling out court forms if you cannot afford a lawyer, various options regarding how to best proceed and detailed information regarding the law as it relates to your situation.

Whether you hire the firm, or represent yourself, Sirlin Law Firm, LLC guarantees that you will leave the consultation having received the best bang for your buck and knowledge far beyond what is offered by attorneys who do free consultations. At Sirlin Law Firm, LLC, you will always receive personal attention without a sales pitch.

Unfortunately, free consultations entail the lawyer listening to a condensed version of your situation and telling you what it will cost to hire that firm; in other words, just a sales pitch.

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