Attorney-Assisted Mediation

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The Advantages of Having a Phoenix Divorce and Custody Lawyer represent you DURING Mediation

Mediation is one way for spouses and parents to reach agreement on all matters in a divorce or child custody case without having to go to court for resolution.  Important issues such as child custody, spousal support, visitation rights (parenting time), child support, division of property and debt and other financial matters can be addressed and resolved.  Having your own Phoenix Divorce and Custody Attorney represent you during your mediation can be advantageous.

While this informal process may be effective, spouses and parents who do not have an attorney advising them and protecting their own rights during the process may end up with agreements which are not enforceable by the Courts.  Simply put, spouses and parents may not come to agreements which override Arizona laws.

At SIRLIN LAW, we recommend the assistance of a caring and knowledgeable Phoenix Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer to competently assist you, and only you, if you are seeking to resolve your differences through informal settlement.

We have been assisting clients during their informal meditations since the year 2000. We have a background in conducting family law mediation,  However, because we focus on litigation and the ever changing Arizona laws, we believe it is best for you to hire an attorney to assist you, even if it is on a “limited-scope,” or “flat-fee,” consultation basis.

Like any informal settlement, this process helps spouses control the divorce process and the outcome.  How the issues are resolved and what is said in mediation will remain (as parties agree) confidential and many couples prefer to keep their divorce matters private.

Divorce can become a highly charged emotional affair.  Mediation may provide an environment in which spouses can work together to achieve the best possible outcome for their lives and those of their children.

Often, family law mediators do not want an attorney to participate in mediation.  Most likely, this is due to the attorney who “puts on a show” for his or her client.  While we will respectfully assist with the mediation process, we will also ensure that you have the guidance of an attorney who is currently practicing in the Arizona courts, is familiar with Maricopa County Court rules, regulations, procedures and the various views of the judges, as even successful mediation may result in having your case reviewed by the court at some time in the future, should your circumstances change.

We would like you to make use of almost two decades of family law experience to ensure your attorney-assisted divorce, custody or other family law matter is resolved to best suit you and your family’s needs.

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