Collaborative Divorce

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Divorcing spouses and parents who have a realistic understanding of the Collaborative Divorce and Custody Process, may find Collaborative Family Law to be a good fit for them.  Collaborative Divorce and Custody is not mediation nor litigation.

Within the Collaborative Divorce Process, each party has access to highly-effective and comprehensive legal representation

Either party may also have a personal “coach,” who will assist with any emotional issues which arise while working through the processes, including custody, parenting time, child support and the financial aspects of the situation.

The Collaborative Law Process usually involves a neutral financial advisor.  The financial advisor will assist the parties with valuation of assets, division of retirement plans (if that is needed) and will help the parties to find a fair way to divide the assets and debts.  He or she will assist by advising both parties regarding what is truly affordable for the family, given that there will be two households to maintain as they move forward, rather than one.

When spouses and parents choose Collaborative Divorce, each party signs an agreement stating that they will not threaten to go to court. Instead, the parties and their attorneys work together to come to an amicable agreement on issues of custody, relocation, spousal maintenance (alimony),  child support and even annulment. If the case evolves to a point where a party is threatening to take the other to court, both lawyers are released and do not assist either party outside the confines of the Collaborative Process.

Those who are able to make decisions together despite the pain and/or fear during divorce, may choose Collaborative Divorce and Custody.   Collaborative divorce is also an excellent option to help protect and shield children from a bitter court battle.


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