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With 20 years of Arizona Family Law representation and 20 years of experience with Divorce (including high asset cases), Child Custody (Legal Decision-Making), Parenting Time, Child Support, Grandparent Rights, Guardianships, Conservatorships and Wills and Trusts (to name a few) throughout Arizona and the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, we are extremely familiar with Arizona statutes, 9th Circuit and Arizona and Federal case law, Rules of Evidence, Rules of Civil Procedure and the Rules of Family Law Procedure, all of which will affect you, your family and your future.  We do not shy away from cases involving jurisdictional and/or uniform child custody kidnapping acts

Our number one priority is to provide quality representation at a reasonable price. There are a number of fee structures which will provide you with direct access to an experienced attorney, including flat fee, limited scope, payment plans and more.

We know that our clients are people and parents first. We provide personal counsel and truly care about our clients, their children, their finances and their futures. We understand the personal impact of any legal matter regarding divorce, alimony (spousal maintenance), child support, child custody, paternity guardianships and conservatorships.

Take a moment to review the “testimonial” section of this website to learn more about our approach and our clients’ opinions of the representation provided them

Clients and those with whom we work regularly assure us that we put our clients at ease. We practice family law with a passion and never as merely a “means to an end.”

If appropriate, informal resolutions are examined first, as this may allow our clients to maintain the most control over their futures and save money.  However, we do not hesitate to represent a client aggressively in court if that is what is needed.

Yes, we are compassionate. We are also assertive and aggressive. It is our job to diligently pursue a client’s interests whether inside or outside a courtroom. Our team has years of experience working with many other experienced and talented Arizona attorneys. We are different because we do not charge $350 or $450 per hour or “eat up your retainer” and move on. You will not be “double-billed” by having to pay a partner in a law firm to review everything an associate does (which is very common in larger law firms).

During the past three years, over 95% of potential clients hired our firm following an initial consultation.

We know you seek an attorney because you need someone who “knows the ropes” regarding family law.  We are exceptionally skilled in the practice of family law, and passionately devoted to our clients and the privilege they provide by hiring us. So many attorneys “put on a show” for their clients, only to end up costing spouses and parents more financial and emotional difficulty than need be. Long after the lawyers go home, you and your family will move forward, although the structure and nature of your family may have changed. We understand your needs, and we always put those first.

If you would like to speak with an attorney regarding a consultation at our central Phoenix office or one of our satellite offices within the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, call 602-561-8107 or contact us at RSIRLIN@PHOENIXDIVORCEGROUP.COM so that we may promptly speak with you regarding your needs.