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Randi Sirlin
Attorney at Law in Arizona

Too often in modern legal practice, cases are passed off to legal assistants, paralegals, part-time contract attorneys or inexperienced associates. We pride ourselves in personally handling every aspect of your case. You will have access to an experienced lawyer who will work closely with you, providing aggressive representation and personal counsel.

If you have a divorce, custody, or any other family law issue and need an experienced lawyer you can trust, we are ready to help you. Be assured that when you come to us for help, a very dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer will handle your case — start to finish. Call 602-561-8107 or email us at INFO@PHOENIXDIVORCEGROUP.COM to discuss an initial consultation.

Board Certified Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

As a Family Law Firm, we handle all aspects of divorce and family law in conference rooms and court rooms throughout the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale and other metropolitan areas of Phoenix and Tucson.

We are experienced with the spousal maintenance and complex property and debt division, including, but not limited to, division of assets held in trusts, valuation of business entities, division of retirement accounts and pensions, allocation of debt, valuation and division of real estate, operating agreements, shareholder interests, businesses owned by the marital community and those alleged to belong to one spouse.

Obviously, with almost two decades of competent and reliable representation, we pride ourselves in being familiar with all issues which may arise in regard to divorce, including the legal decision-making (child custody), parenting time, child support, modification actions and more.

At SIRLIN LAW FIRM, LLC we handle child support arrears, emergency orders for change of custody, with and without notice, child support arrest warrants, spouses and parents who are at odds because they want to have their divorce or custody case handled in different “jurisdictions” and “venues,” and parental kidnapping.

We have experience with elder abuse and guardianships. In our current economy, we are facing the unexpected need of caring for our parents in addition to our children and often our grandchildren. Our clients who face these “other” family law matters” are sometimes called the “sandwich generation.” We understand the legal intricacies which may arise as our parents age, such as the need to provide in home care, prevent and stop elder abuse and exploitation and sometimes the need for a guardianship to be created. We have the experience to assist with making sure your parents are safe if they need in home care or nursing home care. We handle all aspects of “family law.”

We represent many clients who face the need for a “restraining order,” “injunction against harassment” or “order of protection.

When it comes to any manner of navigating separation, divorce, custody and other family law issues, you will greatly benefit from having an experienced attorney advocate for you. It can be crucial to have a lawyer who is committed to you and your children, whether you reach settlement informally or whether your case proceeds to hearings and/or trial.

We offer various payment plans and do everything we can so you can have access to an attorney.

We also provide a 2 hour consultation.  During those 2 hours, we will explain your paperwork, the process and provide you with information regarding Arizona divorce rules, statutes and cases so that, even if you can’t afford to have full time representation, you still have access to legal advice.

Call 602-561-8107 to discuss a consultation at our Phoenix office or one of our satellite offices across the valley. You may also contact us via email at SIRLINLAW@GMAIL.COM to discuss an initial consultation.